Pilot Training


The job of commercial pilot is the most glamorous and exciting job in aviation. It is highly rated and one of the most adventurous career which requires intensive training. This profession also demands a lot of time, dedication, patience and sacrifice. A career in aviation attracts many youngsters as it provide opportunity to travel around the globe. This is a lucrative field. But apart from all those attractive things the job of a commercial pilot makes him responsible for the aircraft he flies and the lives of his passengers. The most important person on an aircraft is the pilot. Pilots are highly trained professionals who fly airplanes and helicopters carrying passengers or cargo.

This is a highly specialised job which requires knowledge of air navigation, interpretation of meteorological reports, operations of sophisticated electronic and mechanical controls, leading the aircraft under adverse circumstances, and being a leader to the flight crew and passengers under climatic and other emergency situations.

Eligibility: To become a commercial pilot in India, one has to first possess a Student Pilot License (SPL). To get the SPL those with 10+2 with science and aged at least 16 years.

Personal Attributes: This is a filed of discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment and self-confidence. The job requires a lot of hard work, stamina, alertness of mind, adaptability to follow difficult time schedules, good team spirit etc. Must be mentally very alert in every situation. Emotional stability in crisis situations is another characteristic that the pilots should have. Apart from these qualities, the persons willing to take up this as profession, should be calm, pleasant, compassionate, adventurous, understanding and technically sound.


With the privatisation, lot of avenues have opened for CPL holders. They can find employment opportunities in government, private, domestic and international airlines. Even large corporate houses with their own aircraft require the services of pilots. In this field after getting CPL one starts as a trainee pilot. After being a trainee, one becomes a pilot or first officer on board based on ones seniority. Seniority is determined by hours of flying experience and successful completion of various programs. Then one becomes a Commander or Captain and thereafter a Senior Commander.

We are the specialists in training the students for ground training and flying training. We have link ups with USA, UK, Canada and the Philippines for flying training. Contact personally for complete details and attractive schemes.