Career Counselling


Career Counselling

A lot of emphasis is given on choosing the right career. Getting on the right career track means success, happiness, and peace of mind. After all its only when you enjoy your work, are you successful, content and happy. It puts you on the success ladder and helps you grow. But making the right career choice is extremly important for achieving success and happiness.
The three critical factors needed to keep in mind while making career choices are, an individuals interests, intelligence and personality. Career counselling and guidance helps in precisely identifying these three critical factors and help the individual choose the right career path.

Career guidance with psychometric tests

  • Aptitude Tests

  • Intelligence Tests

  • Personality Tests
  • After assessing the student/individual's capability based on his/her strength, weakness and overall interests a career action plan is drawn along with the parents, student/individual and various career options are discussed. The counselling session helps the students/individuals and parents to decide the right pathway.
    Career Guidance is provided for students in IX, X, XI, XII, Degree students and above.
    Individuals/professionals looking for a career change / career enhancement.