Counselling helps people from all walks of life and Psychotherapy helps people with mental disorders. Psychotherapy understands the thought process, ideas, emotions and behaviour that contribute to the illness. It identifies life problems, events or stressors like- Grief-Divorce, separation, Death in a family, loss of job, major illness, high expectations, low self esteem etc. It helps to regain self control by incorporating problem solving skills and coping skills and techniques.


Individual Therapy:

In this form of therapy,the session is a one on one between the therapist and the patient. The treatment is focused only on the problems of one patient.

Group Therapy:

In this form of therapy, the session is between the therapist and a group of 4-5 people participating in the therapy. The group gets to exchange ideas, problems, coping skills they share experinces and learn that others also face the same issues and traumas and feel the same way.

Marital/Couples Therapy:

In this form of therapy the therapist helps the partners understand where they are going wrong and how they can understand each other better and make their realtionship more beautiful. In other cases the therapist also talks to the couples about what kind of mental disorder their partner has and how they can help them cope with it.

Family Therapy:

family therapy

In this therapy the entire family is involved in the sessions to understand how they can help their loved ones cope with the disorder and what various kind of support they can extend to the patient inorder for him/her to recover soon.


Depression -

Everyone occassionally feels sad or low, but these feelings pass within a couple of days. But for a person with depressive disorder, depression interferes with daily life, causing pain and suffering.

Symptoms include:
  • Feelings of anxiety, sad, empty feelings

  • Feelings of guilt, loneliness, worthlessness, hopelessness

  • Irritability, restlessness, fatigue

  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities which were once pleasureable.

  • Thoughts of suicide, persistent aches and pains, and much more.

  • Treatment:

    Depression even in severe cases is treatable. Depression is treated with a combination of medicine and psychotherapy. Milder depression can be treated with psychotherapy alone.


    Everyone experiences anxiety since its a normal reaction to stress. Anxiety enables one to deal with stressful and tense situations and helps one keep focus. But when it becomes excessive then anxiety is distressing and becomes a disabling disorder.

    Major anxiety disorders are:
  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Social Phobia

  • Treatment:

    Anxiety disorders are treated with medications, psychotherapy or both. In psychotherapy CBT is found to be very effective in treating anxiety disorders.

    Marriage & Relationship

    Marriage is a beautiful institution. The beauty of marriage is, it is made by two consenting adults, who get together to make and build a beautiful life and family together.

    It is certainly a roller coaster with various highs and lows. But thats what makes it interesting, challenging and beautiful. Marriage gives a sense of belonging, stability, security and responsibility. It brings along with it care, love, togetherness, support, expectations, resolve, perseverance and a very important unflinching devotion.

    But these days, we see a lot of marriages ending in divorce. One complaints of lack of compatibility, understanding, support, infidelity, oh the list is endless. Ofcourse we are under much greater stress these days. Our work, family and changing society demands a lot from us.

    One of the basic necessity of any relationship is "communication". We need to communicate in order to make any relationship work. Communication needs to be healthy and should be a dialogue between both the partners.

    Every couple/family has problems, but successful couples/families try and resolve the issues and find solutions rather than resorting to criticism. Misunderstandings occur due to lack of communication between both partners- Ineffective expression and ineffective listening and clarification. Misunderstanding occur when one partner doesnt communicate clearly what s/he thought and felt and the other partner assumes things without clarifying it.
    Commom subjects of Conflict In Laws, Religious differences, Cultural differences, Money and time, Parenting, Sex etc.

    How to reslove these issues or differences?

    Be clear and specific about your problem. Dont "hint it" but state it clearly and specifically. try and explore the underlying reasons and come to a mutually acceptable solution. A win win situatuin is always acceptable to both partners.

    What is important is to understand is that the relationship is above the individual differences. The I, the ego, should be kept aside and the issue should be addressed with maturity and with the understanding of bringing peace and stability in the relationship and family. It is certainly not a competition between the couple, on who is right and who is wrong, who is smart and who is dumb. it is about together resolving issues, addressing problems and raising children. It is about standing by each other through thick and thin and being there for each other. It is about extending support, love and understanding and together building a beautiful family.



    There is no clear cut distinction between a counsellor and psychotherapist. A counsellor listens to the clients,offers suggestions, feedbacks,and understanding. Counsellors help people to explore their feelings so they can reflect upon their life happenings and understand themselves and the situation better. They offer time, help, empathy and respect which the clients require in order to express their feelings and understand themselves from a different perspective. Counsellors suggest strategies to help the clients improve their perspective and behavior and thus better their life. They empower their clients by teaching them coping skills.

    Across most areas of counselling, the counsellor establishes trust and respect with the client. Ecourages the client to speak openly about their issues, listen attentively and offer suggestions and help wherever required. Counsellors actively listen to the clients concern and empathise with their position.Counsellors are not judgemental and accept the issue of the clients without bias, they challenge the inconsistencies of the clients' words, thoughts and actions and thereby lead them to a deeper understanding of self. Psychologist.


    study human mind and behavior. They work in hospital settings ,clinics, private practice, social services and schools. Psychologists apply their knowledge to many fields like health services, law, education, sports, managements etc.

    Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

    Psychologists are concerned with all aspects of behavior, thought, emotions, feelings and motivation underlying such behavior. They study people: how they act, react, interact. Psychologists are not medical doctors and are not entitled to prescribe medicines. Psychiatrist are qualified medical doctors and deal with mental disorders, their diagnosis, mangement and prevention.

    Psychotherapists might be qualified psychologists, psychiatrists or other mental health provider who has specialised training in providing therapy. Psychotherapy is conducted in ways like- individual, family, group psychotherapy. They are ways of helping people overcome emotional problems, stress, anxiety, behavioral problems etc.