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  • nced Mariam(Personality Development Class)
  • Hi, Last evening, at tea, I could see so many participants come and tell Sr. Philo what a wonderful programme it was, with twinkle in their eyes.. (including the lady whose situation was analyzed in detail), and also request her to conduct a programme for children. Adithy Seems like it was a `wow' session. how wonderful! love to all you, Sandy It was a fantastic program! and I believe we touched everyone in that room!

  • Gurudatt (Papal Seminary - Parents Awareness prog
  • Dear Capt.Ashwaniji Thanks a million for the excellent presentation on Understanding & Coping With Stress done for the shubhankars (caregivers) of SAA, on Saturday the 13th Feb 2010. You had made it interactive and interesting. Participation by the audience was a good indicator how successful and useful it was. Announcing forthcoming training programmes by Connecting... was very thoughtful of you. I am told quite a few of them are interested in enrolling. Let us look forward to opportunities of working together for the cause of the distressed in our community. Best wishes and warm regards

  • PJ
  • Dear Sir, I joined the class to improve my communication skills, Interpersonal skills, and English pronunciations including grammar. I wanted to improve my self confidence. In the 2 months that I have been here I have enhanced my communication skills, improved my English, learnt the correct way to write emails, have worked extensively on interpersonal skills, understanding human behavior, emotional intelligence, and team building. Today, I feel more confident, am a better communicator, have better control over my emotions and am able to handle my team better at work. My team and my family have noticed these changes and this has made me very happy. Thank you for taking me down this path. The individual attention during the One- on- One sessions was very exclusive and greatly helped me.

  • AD
  • Hello Sir, I was a very under confident and confused person when I joined your classes. I was aggressive, short tempered, immature and would not understand the emotions of others. During the Image makeover sessions I learnt how to control my emotions, anger control, maintain motivation in all circumstances, think positive, have a positive attitude and have lost 8 kgs. My parents and my sister really appreciate me now and this has helped me to be more self confident and happy. I feel that you have really helped me to see the reality and not live in a dream world. I am very thankful to you for making me so confident and self reliant. Regards