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At all stages of our lives, be it as students, professionals, housewives, businessmen, parents or as teachers, we all need to take decisions as to the path we need to take to get the best out of our lives. These decisions can be very difficult to take and many a time leave us confused, frustrated and irritated. This is the time to seek the help of professionals in the field.

You may be feeling Low on Confidence, carry a Poor Self Image, be Confused, Anxious, Stressed, frustrated, depressed, sad and feeling trapped, resentful, emotionally drained thinking that life is not meaningful enough?

We all need help sometimes.... In Our Image Makeover, Life Skills Management, Psychotherapy and Counselling centre, we provide you the means and the strength to deal with all the issues that confront you, confuse you and frustrate you. We make you capable in understanding your own self and on techniques to deal with others in all types of situations. The end result would be a more confident and self reliant person.

Do you want to be Confident and Self Reliant? Do you want to be equipped with higher skills and a highly Positive attitude? If your Answer is yes then,this is the place to be.

Message from the CEO - Mr. Ashwani Bhakoo
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this website.

We are a company created and run by professionals who combine together to bring you the essence of their vast experience which has been used to fit the changing and evolving world. The result is a modern system which addresses the needs of the world today. We take care of the needs of students, working professionals, housewives, businessmen, entrepreneurs, parents, teachers and all those who have decided to move forward and take the opportunity to grow and come out of a fixed mindset.

In short we are a company which helps you to create an attitude which takes you on the path of progress, success and happiness. We help you evolve and reach your true potential.

Details of the programs and the workshops we do and the services we provide are given on the various pages of this site. Please feel free to contact us for more information and for designing courses which suit your specific needs.

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